Long distance movers


Our long distance movers are for moves beyond a-100 mile radius.
Speedee Movers includes all of the same great services from our local moves as well as benefits that are perfect for someone moving a great distance, such as storage. If you’re moving to a new location and you want a trustworthy long distance mover to handle your valuable possessions, we’re your best choice in the San Jose area.

Moving Services:

The final price for your move is based on the total weight of your shipment. Our crew will weigh the truck before loading your belongings and after loading the truck with your items. We will then receive a certified weight receipt with the actual weight of your shipment.
A copy of the weight certificate will be available for you at anytime, and you are welcome to be present during the actual weighing of the truck with your belongings. Take the stress out of your long distance move. We’ve helped countless people start over in a new town on the right foot.
Remember, Speedee Movers will match or beat any reasonable quote from any insured and licensed reputable moving service!